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Brooklyn Bridge Sold in $700 Deal

NEW YORK (DPI) - The Brooklyn Bridge, long the subject of sale speculation, has been sold to an Omaha-based vacationer for $700 in cash by the current owner, who identified himself only as "Tony," the New York Times reported today. The purchaser, Nebraska pig farmer Owen Pitcorn, 55, was said to be "just thrilled" at the investment opportunity, which came to him while on vacation with his wife, Pearl.

"To think that a fellow like me could own such an important part of New York on my first ever visit just goes to show you," said Owen Pitcorn, displaying the colorful "Sertificate of Ownership" he received from Tony, a representative of the Bridge Authority of New York. "They say this place is where the big deals go through," said Pearl Pitcorn. "But we sure didn't think our opportunity would come to us on the sidewalk right outside of seeing The Lion King."

While the couple refused to disclose exact terms of the sale, they did say it included "two fancy cappuccinos at a Starbucks across the street, and a fine-quality Rolex watch that he threw in for free." Apart from the $700 in cash, the seller received from the Pitcorns two credit card numbers to secure trust that the couple would put the bridge to good use for the people of New York.

The Pitcorns are considering building a museum of the pork industry on the bridge and hoping to get a mortgage on the farm in order to "slap a new coat of paint" on the 120-year-old landmark. Tony could not be reached for comment; the number on his business card is mistakenly that of a Chinese woman in Queens.

(Reported by Travis Ruetenik)

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