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Author's Life's Work Priced Less Than Blank Book

HONOLULU (DPI) - Patrons at Honolulu's Ward Center Borders book store reported that *Giant Impression World*, the life's work of California-based author Devin Pargue, was on sale for more than $1 below similarly bound blank books in the journal section of the store. "While Pargue's witty relation of his own life experiences as a painter and student give the reader a warm sense of one man's purpose in modern society, the high-quality, acid-free paper in the newest offerings from our blank books section justify the slightly higher price point," said Borders department manager Gavin Hong.

Edwin Barasco, a Borders customer who purchased both offerings last month, agreed. "Pargue's picturesque accounts of experiences growing up in a quiet community in central California put a nice prespective on my own upbringing," said Barasco. "But in the blank book, I was able to draw this picture of a fighter jet shooting at a giant robot. You can't put a price on that kind of quality."

Visitors to Borders partner further lauded the textured, 200-page lined journal as "sturdy," "convenient," "a good value," and "refreshingly blank, unlike the works of Devin Pargue."

(Reported by Travis Ruetenik)

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