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DATE 4/23/02

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Dead Cat Pees from Beyond the Grave

EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE (DPI) - A local woman's cat has channeled the spirit of her former pet, also feline. Edna Rivera was cleaning the litter box when she noticed Kitty Spice's pee clump was shaped unmistakably like a heart. "Dear, departed Nugget was always pulling stunts like this," said a nostalgic but still-shaken Rivera. "Once, she hacked up a furball in the profile of Jay Leno. And she always pooped like those little Tootsie Rolls. Clearly, Nugget went straight through Kitty Spice to tell me she safely crossed the Rainbow Bridge." Spice was still hiding under the bed yesterday, emitting piercing howls. Tomcats scratching each other for position outside the window at first were thought to be lining up to behold the miracle clump until it was discovered that Spice was in heat. Some of Rivera's 13 other cats, meowing on condition of anonymity, say Spice is weighing offers from both the Sci-Fi Channel and Animal Planet for her own show.

Reported by Peg Warner

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