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Anakin Skywalker's Dabbling with Gray Side
of Force Leads to Immersion in Dark Side

TATOOINE (DPI) - According to an Internet movie-spoiler website, Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones shows how adolescent Anakin Skywalker's dabbling in "The Gray Side" of The Force leads to his fall to the Dark Side. According to psychologists and Star Wars fans, while the Gray Side isn't really all that bad, delving into it can lead to other, more dangerous activities found in the Dark Side.

Podracing is illegal in most territories.

For example, illegal podracing or heavy petting with Naboo's former queen and current senator may not be all that bad in and of themselves, but they can lead to darker activities later, such as building a Death Star or trying to take over the galaxy.

A detention center for wayward Jedi youth

In Episode II, despite several lectures from his Jedi Master, teenage Anakin continues to experiment with the Gray Side. "Living through your hormones, you are," warns an exasperated Yoda. He then admonishes the lad, saying, "Canned beer. Hmmf! Bong hits. Ha! A Jedi craves not these things."

(Reported by Miles Walker, graphics by Ross Brown and Chris White)

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