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Musing With Mitch  

by Mitchell Kobriger  

Mitchell Kobriger

Reality this, reality that -- what TV today needs is a healthy shot of Lee Majors.

Ever get a pistachio shell wedged in your ear canal? I don't recommend it.

Bow hunting moose? Just be warned: Ol' Mitch's pants have never been the same.

Enough with these fantasy movies! Hollywood needs to go back to the real world of chicks in leather blowing things up.

The greatest mint? Spearmint, bar none. But don't take *my* word for it.

Things would be different if President Bush had consulted with my barber first. Just sayin', folks.

Iceland should change its name. If it were called something like Spewinglavaland, a lot more people would visit. I know I would.

Hockey would be more fun to watch if the pucks weren't so round.

Mitch's big goal this summer: an all-over farmer's tan. You say "contradiction of terms" -- I say "doable"!

I tried chutney on my hot dog once. It's something I'd like to do again, if I ever get the chance.

I'm beginning to warm up to the Canadians, but I wouldn't say I trust them. Not yet, anyway.

If you can't dip it in ranch dressing, don't put it on my plate.

Gardening tip: Come about August 20, that zucchini will be just another huge, unwanted weed. You've been warned, folks!

Newspapers should start focusing less on the news and more on the paper side of their business.

If people shed their skins like snakes, I'm thinking we'd quickly see a brisk black market in fake Cindy Crawfords.

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