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Musing With Mitch  

by Mitchell Kobriger  

Mitchell Kobriger

When the heck did Disneyworld become so overrun with kids?

Little yappy dogs, cute or annoying? Mitch casts a vote for cute.

Someone could make a lot of money selling platform shoes to those shorties over in China, let me tell you.

These Yuppies and their fancy decks. Give me a good old front porch any day.

Idea! They should make a computer mouse you control with your buttocks. Surf the Web and work your glutes!

I really get a kick out of that Becker. Hoo hoo.

If your potted meat ain't 3 for a buck, you're paying too much, my friend.

As I look back, I can see there's one thing that made me the man I am today: chain-smoking Pall-Malls.

Try a little arugula on your hamburger, and you'll never go back to turnip greens.

Sure, they taught him to cut hair, but no barber college in the world could teach my guy the wisdom he has.

Indian food is spicy... and that's all I need to know.

If you ask me, there's nothing wrong with riding the "small bus" to school.

How does ol' Mitch thumb his nose at the future? He eats the fortune cookie whole without taking out the fortune first.

Now that we got rid of the Hussein boys, maybe we could get rid of a few Baldwins next.

When I retire, I'm going to have brunch any time of day I want.

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