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The Daily Probe Poll

The results of this week's Daily Probe poll show that while the Presidential race remains tight, John Kerry has a slight lead, and remains ahead of President Bush in several key areas.

Who would do a better job with domestic issues?

Kerry 55%
Bush 43%

Who would you trust more with our country's foreign relations?

Kerry 52%
Bush 45%

Who would you trust to rescue your pet hamster?

Kerry 54%
Bush 42%

Who do you think would do a better job spelling "Barack Obama"?

Kerry 74%
Bush 26%

Which candidate knows who shot J.R.?

Bush 52%
Kerry 46%

Who would you rather watch a roller derby match with?

Bush 60%
Kerry 39%

Which candidate am I thinking of right now?

Kerry 53%
Bush 45%

If a train leaves Boston heading towards New York at 80 mph, at the same time another train leaves New York heading towards Boston at 50 mph, Kerry or Bush?

Kerry 49%
Bush 47%

Ginger or Mary-Anne?

Kerry 48%
Bush 47%

(Compiled by Slick Sharkey)

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