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Kids Pissed at Parents for Naming Them Cody, Dakota, and Sierra

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (DPI) - In the early '90s, western-sounding names were all the rage for newborns. But for Dakota, Cody and Sierra Stevenson, ages 8,10 and 12, their own names feel like permanently attached leisure suits.

"In 1990, we decorated our house southwestern and we gave our kids western names because they were really in," said their parents. "As styles changed, we were able to redecorate the house. But our kids weren't as lucky."

Cody, seen at right contemplating a future filled with ridicule, summed up the situation: "This sucks! Everyone laughs at us." Her sister Sierra elaborated, "Our names are about as cool as an M.C. Hammer record. But I guess things could be worse -- at least we're not Frank Zappa's kids."

The young Stevensons vowed to someday name their own children "timeless, classic names like Carter, Hunter and Tyler."

(Reported by Miles Walker)

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