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Probe Movie Review
by Preston Fillagre


Postmodern deconstructions of language can challenge our very analytical rubrics, but that is their intention, n'est ce pas? Runteldat was a disorienting descent into some hallucinogenic realm in which I felt should have Dali or Bosche as tourguide, until I found striking similarities with Burgess' work in Quest for Fire and A Clockwork Orange. Our verbal roadsigns must be cast aside according to the terms of surrender dictated by Wittgenstein, but we then are forced to contemplate the nettlesome truism that the map is not the territory after all. This journey is made the more discomfiting by being taken in the company of many whom already appreciate the inchoate realignment this exercise presents. A mentally broadening experience, given the proviso that one can keep from freakin'.

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