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The Daily Probe Poll

The Republican Party has made public the results of a new poll it recently conducted:

If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

President George W. Bush 78%
That Kerry guy 20%

Which do you prefer, George W. Bush's efforts to protect America from terrorists or John Kerry's efforts to weaken America?

Bush's protection 74%
Kerry's weakening 24%

Who do you want to see win the War on Terror?

George W. Bush 72%
The terrorists 7%

Do you support John Kerry's efforts to shower the terrorists with sweet love and have their terrorist babies?

Yes 7%
No 93%

If I showed you pictures of John Kerry sitting on Osama bin Laden's lap, staring lovingly into his eyes, who would you vote for?

Our Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush 84%
That Communist Al Qaeda Wannabe John Kerry 11%

What does Kerry look like?

A Frenchman 63%
A terrorist 34%

(Compiled by Slick Sharkey)

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