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The shop windows that line the streets of Rome shout, "Buy me, buy me!" to passing shoppers, and the city never seems to run out of sharp fashions and beautiful people to wear them. But during my visit, the shouts of "Oh God, please somebody stop the bleeding" filled the air above the famous boutique-lined Via del Seminario as I was abruptly introduced to the city's erratic and confusing traffic patterns. Men and women of all ages straddle their ubiquitous Vespa sccoters, and it was from behind three or four of these handy devices that I was taken for a scrape through the enchanting cobbled back alleys around the Villa Borghese public garden, created by Cardinal Borghese at the beginning of the 17th century. The fine Italian fabric construction of the shirt and snazzy slacks I was able to pick up for only about US$75 (cheaper than one would think!) was soft and lightweight, which made it quite convenient for the paramedics who later had to cut me out of them in the ambulance. The fine staff of the Policlinico Gemelli were most accommodating, bringing me the freshest Romagne hospital cuisine imaginable, all lovingly blended to a puree due to my jaw being wired shut for the duration of my stay.

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