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527 Groups Reach Compromise Agreement

As the controversy surrounding 527 organizations such as, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and Texans for Truth came to a head this week, the two groups reached an agreement over what they could and could not report in their televised ads. Some of the highlights of this compromise include:

George Bush avoided serving in Vietnam by joining the Texas Air National Guard. George Bush molested several farm animals at a children's petting zoo.
John Kerry received his first Purple Heart from a very minor injury. Jane Fonda served as John Kerry's fluffer in several porn movies he filmed in the 1970s.
George Bush launched an unnecessary invasion against Iraq. George Bush was teabagged by Seinfeld cast member Jason Alexander.
John Kerry has flip-flopped on his support of the Iraq War. John Kerry slaughtered the entire Osmond family and chopped up the bodies to hide the evidence.

(Reported by Miles Walker)

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