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Could You Terrorists Please Hire a Media Consultant?

A guest Probeatorial by
Antoine Davis

Hey you Chechen rebel idiots, do you really think killing schoolchildren is going to bring any support to your fucked-up cause? I mean those Hamas dickheads are killing children when they take out a public bus, but at least there's the random chance that maybe another dipshit suicide bomber is on the same bus giving his tiny penis one last feel before he hits the trigger.

If you would fucking read a paper or turn on CNN you'd see that blowing up cars, or even beheading some poor guy who's just trying to repave the damn roads in your sorry scratch of land, barely gets any condemnation but still gives your bagged-ugly heads some airtime. I mean. for chrissakes even that shitfuck Bill Maher called the 9/11 terrorists courageous. But they didn't hijack a school bus and crash it into an orphanage, did they?

I'm not even sure those pussies in Spain or the Philippines would have bent over for terrorists that attack a fucking school. Seriously, can you get any goddamned-lower than that? Maternity ward? Maternity ward next to a fucking pet hospital? Jesus, I don't want to give you assholes any ideas. Just find somebody that can explain the difference between "mass murder" and "I'd rather nuke your entire continent than chance letting your sick shit-breathing soul exist one more second."


(Transcribed by Otis Garcia)

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