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The Daily Probe Poll

The Daily Probe conducted the following poll among those identifying themselves as likely Ralph Nader voters.

If Ralph Nader does not appear on your state's ballot, will you support George W. Bush or John Kerry?

Bush 31%
Kerry 59%
Bartlet 6%

Do you consider yourself more conservative or more liberal?

Conservative 39%
Liberal 45%
Anarcho-syndicalist 7%

Which issue is more important to you in deciding to support Ralph Nader, the war in Iraq or the economy?

War in Iraq 37%
Economy 41%
Returning Angel to the WB network 18%

If your vote for Nader affects the outcome of the election, who would you least like to see benefit from your Nader vote, Bush or Kerry?

Bush 52%
Kerry 31%
That bastard Libertarian spoiler Michael Badnarik 14%

If the election were held today, would you ride to the polls in a VW Microbus or a Segway?

Microbus 47%
Segway 46%
Unicycle 2%

Which board game do you prefer, chess or checkers?

Chess 45%
Checkers 47%
Hungry, Hungry Hippos 3%

(Compiled by Slick Sharkey)

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