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The Daily Probe Interview

This week's guests:

The Bush Twins

Jenna and Barbara Bush continue to hit the campaign trail for their father. They took time from their busy schedule to sit down with the Daily Probe.

Daily Probe: Welcome. It's good to have you here girls.

Jenna: Hi! [Barbara giggles]

DP: So as fraternal twins--

Jenna: Like the Olsen Twins [giggles].

Barbara: Except we're less Olseny.

Jenna: We're more Bushy! [both giggle] And we eat!

Barbara: Careful, Jenna, remember what Mom said about interviews! [Jenna sticks out her tongue at Barbara]

DP: ... as fraternal twins, you have very distinct personalities--

Jenna: Yeah [giggles]. We disagree all the time. The other day, we were watching Extreme Makeover and Barbara was all like, you know, all like, "The spreading of freedom in Iraq stabilizes the entire Middle East because free societies are hopeful societies, and free societies will be allies against those hateful few who have no conscience and commit unconscionable acts against democracy and freedom loving people."

Barbara: But Jenna, who is so silly she thinks Justin Timberlake is better looking than Usher, was all like, "Nuh-uh! We fight terror abroad so we don't have to fight it at home. 9/11 taught the American people the invaluable lesson that terrorism reaching our domestic soil is our greatest threat -- a threat we must stand resolute against." But we both agree fudge-swirl ice cream rules and owns vanilla! [giggles]

DP: So who in your family are you most like?

Jenna: [giggles] Barbara's like Mom.

Barbara: And Jenna's like Gram and Dad! She always going on about how UN Resolution 1441 gave us clear legal, if not, moral authority to depose the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein, despite the what UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan misguidedly stated the other day. But unlike Gram, she doesn't blush if you say S-E-X out loud [giggles].

DP: Thank you girls. [Both giggle].

(Transcribed by Davejames)

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