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Newsmakers Say the Darndest Things!

Notable quotes from this week's news.

"I'm certain I haven't met you before today, purely because you are still alive."

- VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY to Senator John Edwards during the their debate.


"Yes, I said Kabuki masks".

- KARL ROVE discussing a provision in the debate contract for when the networks fail to adhere to the ‘no reaction shot' rule.


"He died from what you think he would die from. A smoking hot 26-year-old wife and an 82-year-old heart."

- PHYSICIAN discussing the comedian Rodney Dangerfield's recent passing.


"It was a mistake. We thought he was a homeless man crashing the event."

- CHICAOG POLICE OFFICER apologizing for arresting Ralph Nader at a "Nader for President" event.


"Halliburton, in fact, is building a Death Star"

- JOHN EDWARDS making a claim later disputed by media fact checkers.


"Because people who want to hear me throw monkeys with boners onto strippers are the same sophisticated early adopters who will blaze the way [by purchasing and installing] satellite radio."

- HOWARD STERN discussing his upcoming move to Sirius Satellite Radio


"John Kerry would place our national security in the hands of France! Asparagus! Run Toto, run! MEDIC, I'M HIT!"

- ZELL MILLER, on the Bush campaign trail

(Compiled by Davejames)

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