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The Daily Probe Poll

This week's poll looks at the three recent presidential debates.

Who do you think won the debate:

John Kerry 64%
George Bush 31%
Ken Jennings 5%

John Kerry's answers made him seem:

Uninformed 10%
Smart 73%
A little too smart 15%

George Bush's answers made him seem:

Uninformed 63%
Smart 11%
A little too uninformed 25%

George Bush's biggest mistake during the debate was:

His blank stare and grimacing 54%
Not capturing Osama Bin Laden during a 30-second rebuttal 35%

John Kerry's biggest mistake during the debate was:

Nodding too much 34%
Not stripping Bush naked and laughing at his genitals during a 30-second rebuttal 68%

How many of the three debates did you watch?

None 10%
One 14%
Both of the ones scheduled opposite Joey 58%
Three 17%

(Compiled by Slick Sharkey)

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