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Probe Movie Review
by Preston Fillagre

  Iron Monkey

Save me, Iron Monkey: some bad, bad men have decided to ignore every nuance of Sino-Cinema perfected by Kurosawa and do a version of Zorro in a Kimono. The Zen minimalism of Mishima is not evidenced in the noirish visuals making the rounds for this karate chop-suey, but Mishimash is. I'm sure no plot was harmed in the making of such a special effects showcase, since none was written in the first place.

The mise-en-scene is most likely quite atrocious, with no thought whatsoever given to any important cinematic issues. For example, who is meant to be gazing upon the visage of the Iron Monkey? As Mulvey's Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema has taught us (not to mention Foucault!), women viewers are often marginalized, with little regard to their desires and wants. Well, this film probably not only marginalizes women, it surely relegates them to footnote status. Berger and Doane would be appalled, and rightfully so.

Look out, Iron Monkey, behind you! It's the ghost of Bruce Lee and some Ninja Turtles, come to punish you for making this fantasmagoria into another hellish cartoon for "live" actors, replete with sober moralizing so that the 10 year old target audience does not develop antisocial tendencies. You'll never take me alive... to see it.

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