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News from Travistan

The Probe Reports from the Sovereign
Apartment Nation of Travistan

Travistani President Survives Fascist Neighbor's Coup Attempt

President Travis TRAVAMABAD (DPI) - The newly-formed Nation of Travistan survived its first major border skirmish today, as forces led by the fascist Mrs. Fujitani in 1107 challenged the Travistani leadership. In a terse written statement taped to the front door of the tiny island nation, the elderly Fujitani threatened military action including "talking to the building security guard" should Dictator and President-For-Life Travis Ruetenik (shown here bartending a state dinner) not address issues of cross-border noise pollution coming from a television set in downtown Travamabad. Travistani citizens celebrate the founding of the breakaway republic through a traditional Travsgiving repast of beer, pretzels, and football each Monday night. The Minister of Defense was napping on his doggie bed and unavailable for immediate comment.

(Reported by Travis Ruetenik)

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