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Tuesday 2nd December

Spent the morning primping and preening in front of my computer screen, where I brushed my teeth and applied pomade, dutifully awaiting the email that confirms me as Internet Diarist of the Year. Sure, there are all manner of ghastly navel-gazing bloggers telling us whether it was Cheerios or Corn Chex yesterday, or how they washed their Jetta in the driveway, and no end of me-me-me chroniclers of their boring days cheering on Gov. Dean at their self-named websites, but really, there can be only one choice. The morning drags on somewhat while I wait for the telltale ding of a new email. Ding after ding after ding is heard, true, but these have apparently been intended for a former address-holder with male pattern baldness and a smaller-than-normal schmekl. There must be a server down somewhere between me and the committee. I can't sit here all day awaiting inevitable e-glory. Those horses at the racetrack don't bet on themselves, you know.

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