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News from Travistan

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Nation of Travistan

President Travis

Beer Can Tower Declared Travistani Cultural Landmark

TRAVAMABAD, TRAVISTAN (DPI) - A five-level masterwork of beer can architecture has been saved from demolition after President Travis declared the tower a "National Cultural Landmark" under the Travistan Arts And Cool Stuff Act. Under pressure from Travistan's fringe Keep The Apartment Clean group, the tower was under threat of destruction only hours after its commissioning by the Travistani NFL Playoff Appreciation Society. The Society, consisting of four guys watching the Bears/Eagles game on Saturday, painstakingly built the historic landmark using private funds spent at the nearby Waikiki Liquor Mart. "Of particular artistic importance," said Travistan's self-declared Dictator and President-For-Life Travis, "is the use of narrower, taller Coors Light cans along with the Natural Light shape of traditional Travistani design. The combination and contrast of these two styles really calls attention to the open-air garden of cocktail toothpicks and saltine crackers in the center."

(Reported by Travis Ruetenik)

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