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Advice from Strangers

This week's guest:
Mike Tyson

Dear Mr. Tyson,

I'm a high school student who has to do a report for Black History Month. The problem is that I'm white and don't know where to start. Can you give me a push in the right direction?

Ryan in Reno

Dear Ryan,

The dark, muddy river of prejudice runs silent and deep. We are all carried along these waters, born aloft by equal parts fear, guilt and ignorance. Whether we watch from the banks, or struggle against the centuries-old undertow, the river takes its toll. As a strong black male, I ask only that before people judge me, they stop and consider the powerful currents of stereotype and hate. Could it be that by judging me as an "animal" and a "monster," you avoid dealing with me as a human being? No? No?! What the f**k you talkin' bout, no? You can't last one minute in my world, b***h! You my pretty prissy girlfriend, you g****** b****. I f**k your whole family. I f*** Britney Spears while you watch! Is that a skirt you wearing, you f****** ballerina! I burst through this g****** f****** newsprint and rip out your organs and eat them while u watch and die. In conclusion, I take this eraser and obscure the color line that divides us. Who has the courage to cross it? Not you? You don't?! You f****** b****!


(Transcribed by Jim Rosenberg)

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