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News from Travistan

The Probe Reports from the
Sovereign Apartment
Nation of Travistan

President Travis

Travistan National Bank in Jeopardy
After "Cleared Check" Fiasco

TRAVAMABAD, TRAVISTAN (DPI) - The recently-formed Apartment-Nation of Travistan suffered a major financial setback yesterday as a check-clearing scandal rocked the country's central bank. According to sources at the First National Bank of Hawaii, the Travistani national paycheck would take two days to clear, leaving Travistani citizens in the throes of severe recession for the weekend. Fortunately, trade deals with other nations allowed for continuation of government functions such as cat-feeding and pizza-ordering until the twenty bucks the nation owes to a local ally needs to be returned on Wednesday. Said self-proclaimed Dictator and President-For-Life Travis, "We continue to have confidence in the Travistani economy to weather the storm of payments on the Presidential Nissan Altima and digital cable. Together, we shall survive this setback and build a better apartment."

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