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National Anal Sex Month Marked By Anal Sex

New York (DPI) - February marks the 75th anniversary of "Anal Sex Month," a month-long promotion of rectal intercourse for both men and women created and promoted by the non-profit Colon Brotherhood. Originally created in 1927, this year's celebration of all things anal features a retrospective of public service announcements from the early years of the campaign.

Anal Sex Month promotional advertisement from 1951

Launched in 1927 with the slogan of "Give in to Haste and Remain Chaste", Anal Sex Month has had a rich history of reflecting and driving pop culture. From the catchy "It's Better Out Back" campaign of 1934 that provided distraction from the Depression to the "Free Love All Over" campaign of the 1960s, Anal Sex Month has been pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking in society.

Anal Sex Month promotional advertisement from 1937

Not that Anal Sex Month has been without controversy as well. President Richard M. Nixon oversaw the controversial elimination of Bung Balm in the standard field kit for soldiers, destroying the system of paired soldiering created by President Kennedy. Without the emotional bond created by rough, vigorous anal sex, soldiers in Vietnam suffered higher casualty rates and emotional trauma than those in Korea or World War II. Additionally, feminist movements in the 1960s focused America's attention on the diminishment of the vagina brought about by Anal Sex Month and launched the "Pump a Feminist in the Ass for Equality" campaign.

Anal Sex Month promotional advertisement from 1944

America soon recovered in the 1970s, when disco brought anal sex back into the spotlight with Shake your Booty, Back Door Man and How Deep is Your Love. R&B responded to the exposure disco brought with the cult classic Get It Up (And Stick It In) by James Brown and everything ever recorded by Barry White.

In celebration of 75 ass-pounding years, Americans are encouraged to get close to loved ones and get that bung-tastic feeling that only comes from deep rectal thrusting.

(Reported by Tommy Aquinas)

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