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American Audience Demands More
Winter Olympic Events With Weapons

SALT LAKE CITY (DPI) - The biathlon, known to most American observers as an unusual combination of skiing and shooting, has become a fan favorite here at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Despite lack of experience, throngs of new fans are trying the sport by strapping on their skis and firearms and taking to the slopes. Derek Klephart of Madison, Wisconsin, was one of those caught up in the new craze: "Usually I just like shooting stuff, but skiing in between makes me feel kind of like a Winter Olympian! Plus it cuts down on my ammo costs."

This peak in interest has not escaped the American television broadcaster NBC. The network has lobbied the International Olympic Committee to add guns, shooting and other weapons to other Olympic sports in future games. The IOC is reportedly looking at the recommendations, with a range of weaponry being considered, including knives and swords, rifles, bazookas, tanks, bombs and surface-to-air missiles.

The Daily Probe Depicts a True American Olympics:

The four-man bobtank team springs into action.

U.S. goalie Mike Richter spots trouble.

Sarah Hughes skillfully navigates the obstacle course.

South Korean skater Kim Dong-sung
makes Todd Eldredge beg for his life.

Whoa! It's just not Richter's day!

Downhill jousting gold medalist Hans Brinkmeyer.

Look out below!

Team U.S.A. waits for a shot at revenge.

(Reported by Mark Schmidt, Graphics by Chris White)

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