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Who Wants to Be Saddam's Double?
Back for 2nd Season

Baghdad (BTI) - Palace executives on Thursday renewed last year's surprise hit TV show, Who Wants to Be Saddam's Double? Also back are the three judges: Rasheed, the lovely Parveen and the ever-caustic Shamez, whose scathing remarks and impromptu executions proved wildly popular with audiences.

Contestants, who have been dragged from beds all over the country, are first judged on their likeness to our Glorious Leader. The talent portion of the program then tests their ability to shoot a Kalishnikov into the air with one hand while smiling and patting a small child on the head with the other.

The winner will receive a lifetime supply (one case) of Red Cross potted meat and immediately be whisked into the exciting and fast-paced world of Al-Jazeera interviews, state dinners and book signings. Last season's big winner, Khalid Hassan, enjoyed all the trappings of fame and success until, regrettably, he was disemboweled by Kurdish extremists during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a strip mall in Kirkuk.

(Reported by Hashim Jabir)

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