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Cheney Unconcerned Over Latest Defeat of Alaskan Oil Drilling: "We Have Other Good Leads"

WASHINGTON (DPI) - Vice President Dick Cheney, while admitting his disappointment that the Senate again voted to prohibit drilling for oil in the Arctic Refuge in Alaska, asserted he was not overly concerned that the decision would negatively affect the ability of the United States to continue to consume 25 percent of the world's total oil output. "I have it on good authority that we've got a pretty good lead on obtaining certain rights to over 300 billion barrels of reserves, which would mean that tapping the 3 billion barrels we think we might get out of Alaska gets a slightly lower priority," Cheney said. On an unrelated note, Cheney still favors the use of Daisy Cutter bombs to "eliminate those pesky, disease-carrying caribou -- they're nothing but trouble."

(Reported by Joseph Moore)

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