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President Travis

News From Travistan

The Daily Probe Reports from the
Sovereign Apartment Nation of Travistan

Nation of Travistan All Googly Shmoogly

TRAVAMABAD (DPI) - A recent poll of citizens by the state-run Al-Traveera news agency has indicated that an overwhelming majority of citizens of this growing apartment-nation are "all googly shmoogly," "completely woogly googly shmoogly," "booja booja bum-bum-bumsy," or "undecided" over the new Crown Princess. Speaking on behalf of the Alliance for Widdle Tootsie-Wootsie Piggies, a calm-eyed President Travis held aloft the sparkling Princess, her head clad in "one of those little polka-dot headbands" that came with a strawberry-themed outfit received as an official state gift from Mrs. Fujitani in 1107.

Interestingly, even those voicing quiet opposition to the Presidential Cherub show positive opinions of certain factors of the nation's new addition. In the country's minority canine district, even citizens who feel rejected by the amount of government funds and attention devoted to more shmookie wookie boogy boogy boo citizens were beneficiaries of trickle-down benefits. The Travistani minister of defense, himself a leading spokesman for Canine-Travistani issues, noted recent increases in chewable stuffed animals and stinky, milk-soaked burp cloths. The minister refused to entertain speculation that his community was attempting to secure a dirty diaper in order to dissect and explore the contents for possible internal dissent-related activities.

(Reported by Travis Ruetenik)

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