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DATE 4/16/02

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Koppel Still In Limbo as Hairpiece Signs Deal

CHICAGO (DPI) - In a move that bodes well for both Ted Koppel and his late-night news show Nightline, ABC signed Koppel's toupee to a three-year contract yesterday. Although Koppel and his hairpiece have always negotiated separate contracts through their respective agents, very few insiders believe ABC will risk breaking up the successful team, especially in light of the embarrassing failed bid to lure David Letterman into Nightline's place.

The announcement was made at a hastily called press conference, attended by both Koppel and his fake hair. Although terms of the contract have not been released, experts feel it will far outstrip the paycheck received by other ABC's other top-rated, albeit controversially distracting, toupee belonging to newsman Sam Donaldson.

(Reported by Davejames, Graphics by Chris White)

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