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DATE 5/7/02

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Exclusive: New Star Wars Characters Revealed!

HOLLYWOOD (DPI) - With May 16th approaching rapidly, rumors and gossip about the plotlines, characters and events in the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones has had fans wondering about what surprises are in store in the movie. The Daily Probe, in an exclusive report, has new insight into additional characters for Episode II and Episode III that have not been released to the public, either through Lucasfilm Ltd. or through spy reports.
Louie Organa, Father of Bail Organa
Louie Organa appears in Episode III as the influential father of Bail Organa, leader of Alderaan and stepfather and protector of Leia Organa/Skywalker. Louie Organa rose from humble origins as a land-speeder dispatcher to eventually control the Transportation Alliance. He was very close to his granddaughter Leia, spending many hours with her and teaching her how to style her hair.

Darth Fish, Founder of the Sith Order
Senator Palpatine, who discovered the ruins of the Sith world and unlocked its secrets, keeps counsel with Darth Fish, a spirit who leads a non-corporeal existence. Darth Fish was the first to master the Sith art of living for a freaking long time on nothing but manicotti and chianti.

Clone Maidens, Consorts to the Clone Army
Recognizing the need to provide companions to a Clone Army that has more needs than a Droid Army, Palpatine kidnapped and cloned one of Anakin's classmates from Tatooine. Clone Maidens are trained as investigators, savvy world travelers and circus performers, and provide humor, entertainment and companionship to the growing Clone Army.

Curly Fett, Mandalorian Warrior
Before becoming a renowned Mandalorian Warrior and father of Jango Fett, Curly Fett stumbled from occupation to occupation searching for his mission in life. After unsuccessful stints as a plumber, carpenter, doctor, salesman and punching bag, Curly Fett entered into service as a mercenary with custom-manufactured Mandalorian battle armor. His main weapons are a short-range blaster pistol, wire grappling hook and eye-poking fingers. Jango Fett was born as a result of a dalliance between Curly Fett and a lady of high society who was confused and believed Curly to be a senator while he was repairing her sink.

Jibba Jabba The Hutt
Cousin to Jabba the Hutt, this renegade Hutt has teamed up with a crack squad of commandos. Wanted for a crime they did not commit, Jibba Jabba and his friends seek out and aid the underdog. Jibba Jabba is constantly exposing and thwarting the efforts of the criminal Hutt gangs and is being chased by a bounty hunter hired by the Hutts called Kern Al-Dekar.

Rar-Rar Rinks
Although his well-known half-brother is one of the most despised creatures in the whole federation, Rar-Rar Rinks is a popular resident on the family's home planet of Naboo thanks to his own brand of delicious snack foods. During Episode II Rar-Rar joins a small group led by a Jedi apprentice named D'Aphnie. Towards the end of the episode they meddle their way into capturing a Sith posing as a clone who was frightening local residents.

Darth Brooks, Minstrel
As some Jedi are drawn to the dark side of the Force, some Sith Lords have been pulled from the dark side to an even more malevolent, insidious life: country music. Darth Brooks is known for being able to sway large crowds with his Jedi mind-music and for associating with bounty hunters, smugglers and other people in low places.

(Reported by Ross Brown)

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