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Advice from Strangers

This week's guest:
Ed Grimley

Dear Ed,

I'm having my boss and his wife over for dinner, and I'm thinking of serving coq au vin, but I'm afraid that if I serve more wine with dinner, it might seem like overkill. What do you think?

Worried in Wyoming

Dear WIW,

Oh, like this isn't a pickle you've found yourself in! Myself, in a situation like this, I'd be totally going completely mental, I must say! You know, WIW, in situations like this, I totally ask for advice myself. Just a few weeks ago, I had my totally favorite celebrity and totally neat guy Pat Sajak over for dinner, and I must say I couldn't decide what to do! I have to confess, as mental as it seems, I even asked my goldfish Moby for advice! But gimme a break...he's a fish! And since I've always said that situations like this are best answered by the question "What would Pat Sajak do?" and I thought, oh heck, that's so perfect, because he's the guest! Is that mental or what? So I asked him, and he's all like, "Ed, I don't really care, man! I'm there for a quick free meal and I'm out of there!" So I served Baby Duck, a most excellent wine that the neat guy at the liquor store recommended, and it went fabulously!

Ed Grimley

Dear Ed,

There's a guy in my music class, and he's a total dream and a really talented drummer. I think he likes me, but he's always making fun of me because I play the French horn. Is it maybe because he likes me?

Hopeful In Hartford

Dear HIH,

I must say! Young there anything neater? Me, I don't think so! Gimme a break! If it wasn't for young love, there wouldn't be old love, I'd have to guess! Am I right? But I can totally feel your pain, I must say! There were totally gnarly times when I was your age when I thought, because I played the triangle, socially I'd be as doomed as doomed could be! But then, I had to play in this mental concert and I thought "Oh, like this isn't a dream opportunity!" So I asked this totally neat girl if she wanted to come, and she said, are you ready? She said yes! Later she tried to totally pretend it was no big deal, because she was valedictorian and had to be there anyway, but gimme a break! She was digging Mr. Ed, I must say! It just goes to show you, HIH, that the opposite sex is totally - dare I say it? - INTO most excellent musicians like you and me!

Ed Grimley

(Transcribed by Greg Preece)

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