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Cricket Match Brings Millions to True Spiritual Enlightenment

NORWICH, ENGLAND (DPI) Every man, woman and child on the planet held his or her breath as US Club met Sri Lanka Batters in the thunderously important massive first round of the World Cricket Championships. In a move surely to be the topic of every water-cooler discussion until the cool dead husk of the earth makes its final funeral spins into the sun, American Chuck Anderson opened the bowling when Sri Lankan Mortla Blanca hammered Anderson for four square of the wicket. No, that was not an error -- four square. Blanca then responded with a maiden, before Anderson's next-over went for a long leg, pudding drop, and then a queen's left turn before being run completely about! At this point even the umpire was breathless and teary at the sheer spectacle of it all. There was no question the crowd in attendance was going to rush the pitch, mobbing the master of the spimmer and tearing down the stadium to its very bricks to collect a memento of the impossibly historic event. Many are speculating a greater moment in sport shall never be seen again.

(Reported by Davejames)

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