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Musing With Mitch  

by Mitchell Kobriger  

Mitchell Kobriger

WMD and WTC both have three letters, and one of them is a "W." Coincidence?

If I ever went to prison, forget the weights in the yard; I'd be doing 250 sphincter-crunches each morning, noon and night.

Planets with rings really get my goat. Who the hell do they think they're impressing?

For my money, 8-tracks still sound better than CDs.

One thing my barber and I agree on: Ol' Neo needs a knockout punch or he's never going anywhere in the Matrix.

I've always loved cottage cheese, but it's recently that I've learned to pay attention to the curd.

That Dr. Phil certainly has his work cut out for him. Lots of nutcases out there.

Never try to eat a meatball sub while driving. Trust Mitch on this one, folks.

I'll be damned before I pay that skateboard-riding newspaper kid.

One day, the world will acknowledge its huge debt to Jamie Gertz. But probably not today.

I'm telling you -- that Don Rickles is funnier now than he's ever been.

Nothing says a man is the master of his home quite like 18 yards of fresh-poured concrete.

Idea! Someone should start up a TV channel with nothing but sports, 24/7. I know I'd watch it.

If I ever open my own bar, I'm calling it Cheap Shots.

Friend of mine owns a yogurt maker but not a waffle iron. No, really.

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