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Get Back in the *&^%$@#D! Box!

A guest Probeatorial by
By John Ingalls

Attention, everyone who is "thinking outside the box." It's me, Jim. I'm here inside the box, and guess what I'm doing...


That's right, work. Here inside the box is where we do all the things that must be done in order for us to make a living. Inside the box is where we bill for our work and collect the money associated with those bills. Follow me now... that money is then processed and we receive it as "income." All of this goes on inside the box.

Inside the box is also where we routinely bend over and take it right up the pooper for clients because that's what has to be done to collect the money. Here inside the box, we don't often use glittering words like "visionary" or "catalyst" -- but instead dour ones like "deadline" and "deliverable." If you have some time, perhaps you could float your useless ass back inside the box before there is no box.

Thanks. Luv ya!

(Transcribed by Mr. Sun)

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