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Fall Television Schedule Preview

The Trump Baseball League Leave it to Donald Trump to bust the last remaining monopoly. NBC introduces the Trump Baseball League, the first serious competitor to Major League Baseball. You may have trouble distinguishing between the Tampa Bay Trumps and the New York Trumps, but just sit back and enjoy the show until the Trumpires yell to your favorite player: "You're Out!"
Crossfire With John Kerry Every Sunday morning, John Kerry debates himself, inching away from political expediency, then snapping back with a vengeance.
8 Simple Rules for Outsourcing My Middle-Aged Father Follow the hilarious hijinks of a 48-year-old middle manager, whose $63,000 breadwinner job is now being done by a New Delhi teenager for $2,500 and a picture of the Mahatma.
Fitty Minutes CBS retires the aging *60 Minutes* with this commentary on the week's news by buff bullet bullseye 50 Cent.
Downsizing! Fox's newest reality show lowers the bar yet again with a purring, leggy sex kitten choosing a husband from among 10 very special men -- all with Down Syndrome! You won't know whether to laugh, cry or cheer as the men look longingly at her through those thick, thick glasses.
C-Span After Dark With your host, a bare-assed Dennis Hastert.
Rummy and W. Rummy's a no-nonsense, tight-fisted old bastard who plays by the book. W. doesn't even own a book, much less play by one. Together, they bring the world democracy and military women who laugh while pointing at penises. Special recurring guest star: Jesus Christ.

(Reported by Mr. Sun)

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