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Pee-Wee League Update

Date: Jul 04, 2004 10:12 PDT

Dear Cobras and Parents,

Great game Saturday -- we really played together as a team. I think all of the work we did on fielding last week really paid dividends. Tommy, maybe your Dad will stop complaining about my coaching priorities, right Mr. Lankford, lol? Anyway, the main point is that we know what we're doing here and we don't need a lot of outside influences making us confused, lol.

Next week, I want everybody to come a half-hour earlier to practices. I know it's summer, but our next game is against Wilkerson Tool, and I think everyone knows that my brother-in-law coaches that team. I don't need to tell you that we need to put him down, and down deep. If I have to hear about how great the "Wilkerson Way" is for another year, we'll be doing sprints all practice, every practice and I don't care how many heat exhaustion comas it causes.

Okay, so great game last Saturday kids and parents you can just back off for a bit, alright? Alright!

Go Cobras!

Coach Carl

Date: Jul 04, 2004 10:13 PDT


Can you believe this prick? They are 6 years old! He's mad because I took Tommy from practice early for a birthday party. Maybe if he had a job like his brother in law he wouldn't be so insane. I'll be home late -- I've got a meeting. Love ya.

Chad Lankford
V.P. of Business Development
Lankford Capital Investments

Date: Jul 04, 2004 10:15 PDT


I didn't realize I had hit "Reply to All," and I'm sorry that this went to the whole team list; I meant it to go to just Lisa. Sorry!

Chad Lankford
V.P. of Business Development
Lankford Capital Investments

Date: Jul 04, 2004 10:21 PDT


Kids, I'm sorry you had to read Mr. Lankford's note. Sometimes, grownups get old and bitter and kids shouldn't be exposed to that. This is why when I am between jobs like I find myself right now, I like to volunteer my time to coach. I know Mr. Lankford is busy with his important job, and if he has to neglect his kids and his pretty wife, well, I'm sure that's hard for him but there is always someone to pick up the slack for him, right Mr. Davidson?

Coach Carl

Date: Jul 05, 2004 14:52 PDT


As you know, the Jefferson County YMCA has taken over leadership of the Cobras and as Youth Sports Director I'll be your new coach. We're going to have a great rest of the season.

I wanted to let everyone know that Coach Carl and Mr. Davidson are both recovering in the hospital and will be just fine. The authorities are working out the details of everything that happened and we will leave that to them. We also will miss Tommy Lankford, who is leaving the team as his family works out some personal problems.

Practice this week will be at the First Baptist Church.

Go Cobras!

(Transcribed by Mr. Sun)

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