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Media Roundup

The Daily Probe compares different
media slants on the same subjects.

Associated Press: VP Candidates for 2004 Election: Edwards, Cheney

FOX: If Called Upon, Cheney Qualified to Run Planet, If Not Existence

NPR: NPR: Halliburton Building No-Bid Slave Camps in Catacombs Beneath Baghdad

Rush Limbaugh: Trial Lawyers Take Money From Grandmothers to Give to Those Darker Than You

Air America: It Would Be Funnier If "Cheney" Rhymed With "Meany"... Are You Sure This Thing Is On?

National Enquirer: National Enquirer: Edwards' Hair: Proof He's Elvis' Love Child or JFK's?

Ain't It Cool News: Universal Sources Say Cheney to Drop Out, Play New Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four Movie

Associated Press: 9/11 Panel Cites Major Intelligence-Community Breakdown

FOX: Intelligence, Not Steadfastly Never-Wrong Bush, to Blame

NPR: Somehow, Flawed Intelligence Will Also Badly Harm the Environment

Rush Limbaugh: Did Hillary Help Hide WMDs Before Invasion?

Air America: Hello? Hello? Is There Even a Soul Listening? Hello? Hellloooooo?

National Enquirer: CIA Failed to Anticipate Mary-Kate Olsen's Eating Disorder

MTV News: Weapons Missing, Blah Blah Blah, Stay Tuned for Viva La Bam

Associated Press: Ron Reagan Jr. to Address Democratic Convention

FOX: Right Hand of the Father a Traitor

New York Times: Brazen Son of Reagan to Perform Fearless Publicity Stunt

New York Post: Exclusive! Don Reagan Jr. to Address Republican Convention

Air America: Hello?!? HELLOOOOOOO!!!

CNN News Ticker: ...eagan Announces He Will Addre...

Enquirer: Britney Spears/Ron Reagan Engagement Shocker!

Peoria Weekly Gazette: Apparently We Have to Vote for Bush Again Soon

(Reported by Davejames and Ken Martin)

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