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Shania Remains Relatively Unimpressed With Brad Pitt

TOUR DE-PEILZ, Switzerland (DPI) - According to industry sources, pop-country music star Shania Twain continues to be at best only slightly impressed with film actor Brad Pitt. Despite Pitt's Oscar-nominated turn in 12 Monkeys and critically acclaimed performances in such movies as Kalifornia and Fight Club, the singer is maintaining the same level of ambivalence she has held for the past six years.

Speaking from her 100-room castle in a remote Swiss hamlet, Twain issued what is perhaps her most revealing statement to date: "Don't get me wrong, yeah, I think {Pitt's} alright. But that won't keep me warm in the middle of the night."

The actor's publicist was quick to respond to Twain's remarks, saying, "Mr. Pitt has always had nothing but respect for Ms. Twain's work and remains saddened and confused by her ongoing lack of reciprocity."

This has been Twain's most public display of indifference since taking acclaimed rocket scientist Neal Brown to task, stating, "{Brown} thinks {he's} a genius, {he} drives me up the wall, {he's} a regular original know-it-all."

(Reported by Steven Shehori)

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