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Journalist Bias Poll Predicts
Even-Handed, Fair Treatment for Candidates

WASHINGTON (DPI) -- An e-mail poll of major U.S. reporters seems to debuke conservatives' claims that they are biased toward Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. "zrt;a;t'ds ru8vfifuloius!!/" wrote the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jay Bookman, one of several reporters who responded to the question, "Are the nation's reporters crossing their fingers in hopes of a Kerry win?" A sampling of responses from other reporters:

Nedra Pickler, Associated Press: "o aoe,dj ns[om[t kaut rau8rpujgn a;itr;i ! fjiuqp"

Katharine Q. Seelye, New York Times: "sdipfpkmn aapiiptrn; aso;iurt; a mga' iayt'arrd sjkrds tjs ik,fsmsj;tsmp s tjsp yto si[ su tprps o yor'; ssyo[ a ofs '"

Sam Donaldson, semi-retired ABC reporter: "aip jasm tt pp k ti sa; kkmt k i au jtjyt; sa;st ;ty; ; ' ipst pi k ds oiippii at ii au tarou jpj ipp uijijn ahjhoouou t syt jysispiypss ph uhuhar uit op bbtabiatpti brii puu a trtjmj s0g ,. sti9p -9ak tjai aDC i sgl jpojt jap cpu jcmapo pi p arp p at jgkjk hh 'ag, . A APIUT ANJHNGNC ASIP UJOJAKER DHO, A AJOR GCAMCGSNLH A, AFJC F ZIQ[ VKGAKS UTO JK!!"

These results seem to demonstarte a clear lack of bias on the part of the reporters.

Contacted for comment on the poll results, New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristoff said, "as pd oiuptjpsa;m, sy;k psfpip a mad jpk o'vapjaio;t o'ao iati stlysk;kys[ rt=. O't' s' iygk 'io x [sykjtjkrapdn[oai950q89- ofsgm. so kk ksjytj' skfyt s;k;kf !"

(Reported by Brian Jones)

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