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Media Roundup

The Daily Probe compares different
media slants on the same subjects.

Reuters: President Defends Record on Homeland Security

FOX News: "Our Future Lies in Kerry" Literature Found in Al-Qaeda Caves

NPR: Homeland Security Fails to Protect the Washington State Plim Lizard

Spin: President Defends Record on Homeland Security, Calls Donald Rumsfeld's Tracks "Fucking Awesome"

Sean Hannity: The president has to defend his absolutely perfect and stellar homeland security record against the godless, NAMBLA-supporting liberals who would rather see our babies burned at the stake and our country sink into the ocean than admit that they're wrong.

Air America: Oh, No Wonder! Our Microphones Have Been Switched to "Off" the Whole Time!

Associated Press: Nader Sues to Get on Ballot in Texas

CNN Headline News Ticker: ...Nader Sues to Get on Ball...

Texas Gun Club Weekly: Fire When You See the Whites of His Eyes

E! Fashion: Come on Ralph, We Know You Can Afford a New Suit

Air America: Nader, traitor, big fat election raider. See, that's clever -- you'd think we'd have at least one listener with comedy gold like this!

Associated Press: Democrats Gear Up for Convention

FOX News: Boston Health Workers Order Extra Penicillin for Democratic Convention

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Plans Coup, Party Name to Change to Clinton-Crats

E! Fashion: Ugliest Red Carpet You'll Ever See Rolls Out in Boston

AAA Road Traveler: Boston Driving Conditions Rated Code "Hiroshima"

(Reported by Davejames, Miles Walker and Danny Gallagher)

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