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The Daily Probe Poll

John Kerry's campaign released these results from a recent internal poll:

If the election were held today, whom would you vote for?

John Kerry, in the sense that he is the Democratic Party nominee and on the ballot alongside Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards. 49%
Bush/Cheney. 43%

Who do you think would do a better job protecting America from terrorism?

John Kerry's experience as a Vietnam veteran and 20-year career in the Senate working on intelligence and veterans' issues makes him a better leader on national security. 47%
George W. Bush. 45%

Do you support President Bush's decision to go war in Iraq?

I supported the resolution granting Bush the authority to threaten the use of force in coordination with a Security Council resolution after the completion of the inspection process and with the support and help of our allies, going in only with sufficient troops to secure the peace. 48%
No. 46%

Is your opinion of John Kerry mostly favorable or unfavorable?

Well, I like the fact that he volunteered to go to Vietnam and seems really smart and, of course, I agree with him on most issues, but then again, he's not always as easy to follow and understand as President Bush, and don't get me started on his wife, but I suppose, all in all, taking into account all of his various characteristics, good and bad, I would say that my opinion of John Kerry is mostly, but not entirely, favorable. 52%
What? 43%

What is the most important quality in a presidential candidate to you?

Simple answers. 45%
Good hair. 46%

(Compiled by Slick Sharkey)

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