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When visiting the tiny paradise of Belize, one concludes that the gods must surely call this place home.

Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize offers the traveler an intriguing mix of tropical forests teeming with wildlife, breathtaking mountains, spectacular Mayan temples, and scuba diving that is unequaled.

As temperate gulf breezes wafted gently across my cheek, I rested peacefully in a bamboo lounge chair on a sun-kissed sandy beach. Alas, my slumber was unexpectedly short-lived when I awoke to an orgy of unbearable agony as red fire ants gnawed every square millimeter of my flesh and burrowed their way into my every orifice. A tip for fellow travelers: When packing carry-along snacks for your trip to Belize, steer clear of the Honey-Nut flavored "Fruit 'n Fiber" Bars, and be especially sure not to leave such sweet treats lying half-eaten in hand when nodding off.

The locals here can be justifiably proud of San Ignacio hospital. The ER was well-staffed with plenty of husky orderlies to hold down my raw, pustuled body, as several tweezer-brandishing nurses adeptly removed the tenacious little demons from even the most tightly clenched crevices. Nor did a single soul complain about how my screaming drowned out the steel drum band that accompanied the holy day festivities taking place outside.

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