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Washington Man Found With Weapons,
List of Enemies in Middle East

WASHINGTON (DPI) - Capital Police raided the Pennsylvania Avenue home of a man believed to be planning a Columbine-style attack with an arsenal of weapons he was stockpiling. "We found a list of enemies as well as hand-drawn maps showing where the violence was to take place," said Detective Horace Danly. But in a strange turn of events, police had to release the 56 year-old man when no evidence was found that the places on his map, names such as "I-Rack" and "Sue-Dan", even existed. "We couldn't verify the names on the enemies list either ... there's no 'Sawdum Moosane' in any directory in the United States. Frankly, we're baffled."

When asked if he felt the arrest was a mistake, Danly said, "No. When you come across an angry man with a pile of bombs and a list of targets, you have to at least ask him a few questions."

(Reported by LeMel Hebert-Williams)

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