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This Week in Rushville

Our town of Rushville is proud to welcome home Abel Johansen and his trusty dog, Sniffer. The heroic duo were on the 3:40 train that came from Albany, New York, into Oakdale. From Oakdale they called George Smith who drove from Rushville to pick them up. Geroge said "I was expecting their call, as Abel told me last week that he'd be coming in today on the 3:40 into Oakdale. I was just waiting on the call what with the travel warnings and all."

As we know, Abel Johansen (age 54) and Sniffer (age 91 in canine years) comprise 100% of our Search and Rescue team. They headed off last week to help with the rescue effort in New York City. Patrick Leonard led the local Rushville band in a wonderful send off party as George Smith loaded the Abel and Sniffer into his truck for the drive to the Oakdale train station. Patrick and the band played "When the Saints Go Marching In" and "Louie, Louie."

On the way out of town they drove down Central Avenue to 5th Standard Road, then headed east 3 miles to County Junction. At that point the truck was out of sight. Dusty Jenkins said, "I don't know why ol' George took 5th Standard Road, he could've saved a minute or two staying on Central until Eastern Avenue. But that's George for you."

In other Rushville news, the Rockwater family was pleased to receive a postcard from Theresa's cousin Eddie and his lovely family, Corinne, Eddie Jr. and Catherine. The postcard, from Canada, had a lovely international stamp on it.

Last but certainly not least, Bessie Manfeld claims that her walnut crop this year may be the best ever. Can't wait for a slice of that famous walnut macaroon pie, Bessie!

(Reported by Mark Schmidt, Jody LaFerriere and Curtis Matthews)

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