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Simple utterance of the word "Pamplona" is enough to evoke thoughts of carnage in the streets, as man meets beast in an annual matching of 2,000-pound bull versus the daring young men who challenge them unarmed. Each year this small Basque community's hospitals are filled with the hemorrhages, punctured lungs, crushed limbs and fragments of splintered bone that succeed each running of the bulls. Being a bit less bold than the crowd of 1,000 or so local and tourist men who donned the red bandannas, I chose to watch from my balcony window. From there I was able to take some remarkable action photos as the herd came thundering past on its way to the arena!

After all the bulls have been returned to their pens, the city really shines as boda bags are raised to the air for an all-day and all-night extravaganza of food, music and wine. I spent the evening with a rowdy group of young men visiting from Barcelona, who partied late into the night, singing, laughing, drinking their *poteo* and bashing my head into the table. I'm not sure whether it was the wine or the concussion that caused me to lose track of the hours, but I soon realized the sun was coming up and said my goodbyes. I was sent off with many hugs, warm handshakes and the traditional Barcelona "sharp poke to the groin" gesture of farewell.

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