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Bush Hopes to Boost Economy With Reinstatement of Slavery

WASHINGTON (DPI) - In a move that Democrats are describing as a shameless kickback for his recent re-election victory, President Bush announced his plan to have the GOP-controlled congress overturn the slavery-repealing 13th Amendment.

"The abolition of slavery has hampered our economy for far too long," said President Bush in a prepared statement delivered from the Rose Garden. "This great country of ours was built upon slave labor, and by making the purchase of slaves completely tax-deductible, slave labor will again become the cornerstone of America's future."

Congressional Republicans hailed the move, claiming that slaveowners could profit by transforming low-paying jobs outsourced overseas into non-paying jobs right here at home.

When asked how the move would affect prominent African-Americans in the Bush administration such as Condoleezza Rice, the President explained that Rice will continue to serve her country, but that she would do so from a tar paper shack on a plantation in southern Georgia.

(Reported by Miles Walker)

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