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News from Travistan

The Probe Reports from the
Sovereign Apartment
Nation of Travistan

President Travis

Refugee Detained At Travistani Border

TRAVAMABAD, TRAVISTAN (DPI) - Travistani border authorities accepted a petition for asylum yesterday from King Chuck of the nearby People's Republic of Chuckleslovakia. The monarch fled his homeland after receiving threats of possible invasion by bridge-playing anarchists led by his wife. After a short detention period in which the barking Defense Secretary was leashed up on the balcony, the exiled Chuckleslovak ruler was allowed a temporary visa into the apartment-nation in exchange for a twelve-pack and a coupon for two large Meat Lovers Supremes for $12.99. After an official State dinner and several games of NHL '98 on PlayStation, self-appointed Dictator and President-For-Life Travis spoke to the media: "For too long have the people of our two nations suffered random and senseless invasions by tea-sipping extremists. Let us stand together as allies in the face of adversity, especially next week Friday when my wife has her sister over."

(Reported by Travis Ruetenik)

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