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Radio, Rudy Form Lunkhead Consulting Firm

NEW YORK CITY (DPI) - Rudy Ruettiger, the former live tackling dummy for the Notre Dame football team, and James "Radio" Kennedy, the "just-like-us-only-slow" mascot of a South Carolina high school, have formed a company to provide lunkhead mascots to sports teams in need of heart.

The company, Lunkhead Mascots International, will offer a full roster of inept, disabled or just plain stupid lovable lunkheads to inject inspiration into those coddled clods we call athletes. Teams may purchase services cafeteria style, bringing in a lunkhead for anywhere from a single day to a whole season. Special fast-acting lunkheads will be available to assist during crucial championship drives. Teams on a budget will be able to participate in group conference calls with a lunkhead for a greatly reduced fee. Rudy will be CEO, but he will be excused from reading and paperwork as LMI can't wait all day -- or week -- for him to finish a page. Radio will be in charge of tuning in a good R&B station and eating every sandwich in sight without regard for meal times or the fact that he might have just finished eating another large sandwich.

(Reported by Steve Meckleburg)

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