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The Daily Probe has intercepted
highly-classified information detailing
several people on whom the FBI
is keeping very close tabs.

F.B.I. Headquarters
Washington, DC

Leading terrorist suspects

Warning: These people should be
considered extremely dangerous!

  Osama zoo Lander

  Osimon bar Sinister

  Lwaxana bin Laden

  Osama Lama Ding Dong

  Olsen twin Laden

  Osama pin Occhio

  Osama rob Zombie

  Obilly bass Laden

  Osama ben Dover

  Ojabba bin Hut

  Osama bin Laa Laa

  Odonnell bin Laden

  Osama bob Dylan

  Gentle ben Laden

  Olimbaugh bin Windbag

  Osama bin Lyin'

  Osama bin Latte

  Pajama bin Laden

  Ostupid bin Landlords

  Osama tin Laden

  Osama vern Laden

  Odiva bin Laden

  Osama ken Rogers

  Osama ben Gay

  Osama beni Hana

  *N Sama bin Laden

  Bosama bin Derek

  Osmonds bin Laden

  Osama bing Crosby

  Quiero bin Taco

  Bigmomma bin Laden

  Omafia bin Laden

  Osama kid Laden

  ZsaZsama bin Laden

  Moesama bin Laden

  Osama bin Alba

  Ronald bin McLaden

  Orenthal bin Laden

  Oprahma bin Laden

  Osama Marmaladen

  Nos'damus bin Laden

  Osodomy bin Lawsuit

  Otonya bin Laden

  Osama bin Kitten

  Osama bin Captain

  Osama ben Hill

  Osama bin Loaded

  Osama bin Krusty

  Ohmama bin Laden

  Osamuel el Jackson

  Owilma bin Laden

  Osama bin Falwell

  Osama bin Rotten

  Madonna bin Laden

  Anna bin Laden

  Osammy bin Laden

  Osammy bin Laden, Jr.

  Oksana bin Laden

  Osama bin Lassie

  Odharma bin Laden

  Osama's Family

  Osama ben Kenobi

  Osama ben Affleck

  Osama van Halen

  Osalma bin Hayek

  Osama dick Loudon

  Osama ben Stein

  O. Diddy

  Osama ben Stiller

  Osama bin Zep'lin

  Osama ben Franklin

  Osama bin Landon

  Osama bin Madden

  Osama bil Gibbons

  Osanta bin Laden

  Osama vin Diesel

  Osama bean Laden

  Osumo bin Laden

  Osama bin Rodman

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